About Us


Our Approach

We bring your family's legacy into the digital age. We use care to scan your family's analog photos, and return them alongside digital format. We excel in retouching damaged photos and colorizing old black and white images.

Our Story

Kaori found a damaged black and white image of her grandfather in the Japanese Army. She decided to scan, repair and colorize it, giving her family a view of grandfather like they had never seen.  Kaori realized this valuable work can help other families bring their legacy into the digital age to be preserved forever.

Meet the Team

The Legacy Project is a family-run business,
and we look forward to welcoming you into ours.


Kaori Peters

Founder & CCO
(Chief Creative Officer)

The expert in all things digitization, she performs world class retouching and colorization work on your photos, while serving as your customer service liaison.


Jason Peters

Vice President

Sets strategy and business infrastructure.


Cappi Peters

Head of Security

Here to provide morale boosts and receive treats and love.

Preserve your legacy today!